End of Year blogging and retrospectives

Well, it’s the end of 2008 approaching and the completion of the first year of this blog! Though a bit artificial, we humans like to mark passages with looking back and forward (someone should find a gene for that ;) ). So, you’ll find that in the next two Wednesdays here at OpenHelix we’ll be listing the Tips of the Week we have done of the year. The first Wednesday (12/24)  will be the tips from the first half of the year, the next Wednesday (12/31) we’ll recount the tips from the second half of the year. I think I’ll also group some of them, we’ve done some interesting ones (if I do say so myself) on SNP resources and other types. I might highlight a few of those. So look for those if you are bored during the holidays :).

In the mean time here is a retrospective on the personal genomics news at Genetic Future I found interesting and some blog entries for the 2nd anniversary of PLoS One competition. Great stuff.

Next year will find some new and great stuff here at OpenHelix and the blog I’m sure. Gotta love anniversaries and new years :D.