Tip of the Week: Predominately Expressed Genes

So, let’s say you need to find genes that are not only highly expressed in a tissue of a species of interest, but predominately expressed in that tissue (not highly expressed in other tissues). There are, like with any question, several ways to go about it, but in today’s tip of the week, I’m going to show you how to do it using the Gene Sorter. This is a tool brought to you by the same people who do the UCSC Genome Browser (Golden Path). The basic purpose of the tool is to take a gene of interest and sort other genes (which ones to sort can be filtered) in the genome based on some type of similarity (name, GO terms, expression, protein similarity, etc). What we are going to use it for in this tip is a little different since we don’t have a gene of interest, we are looking for interesting genes. There is a free tutorial and training on the UCSC tools including the Gene Sorter (UCSC Advanced Topics, download the slides and view/read the “Gene Sorter” section and do the exercises for the advanced topics). Know of other ways to do this? Suggest them in the comments!

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