What’s The Answer? (software poster advice)

reddit_iconThis week’s highlighted question is from the Bioinformatics subreddit. A simple question about advice for some poster design turned into quite the conversation about what people want from software posters

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need advice for poster about a bioinformatics software
submitted 7 days ago by Elendol


I’m a first year PhD student in Bioinformatics. I’m creating a poster for the symposium of the department to present a software I developed.

There is no algorithm to discuss, no discovery, no findings as it’s mainly a data visualisation tool. The public will be biologists and bioinformaticians

I have problems to organise the abstract and the poster, do you have some advices / examples of posters “only” presenting a software. What are the important things to talk about, the things I don’t have to forget ?

I guess no one is really interested to read something about the implementation, software architecture and other developper’s stuff.

Thank you

So the discussion ensued about the role of the poster. And the role of the presenter. Whether to have code or not to have code. I was actually kind of amused at how deep people’s feelings were on some of these matters. Anyway, I thought it was a fun read. Have a look.