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Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review 2015. Part II

As you may know, we’ve been doing these video tips-of-the-week for eight years now. We have completed or collected around 400 little tidbit introductions to various resources through this past year, 2015. At first we had to do all of our own video intros, but as the movie technology became more accessible and more teams made their own, we were able to find a lot more that were done by the resource providers themselves. So we began to collect those as well. At the end of the year we’ve established a sort of holiday tradition: we are doing a summary post to collect them all. If you have missed any of them it’s a great way to have a quick look at what might be useful to your work.

You can see past years’ tips here: 2008 I, 2008 II, 2009 I, 2009 II, 2010 I, 2010 II, 2011 I, 2011 II, 2012 I, 2012 II, 2013 I, 2013 II, 2014 I, 2014 II, 2015 I.

July 1: MorphoGraphX, morphogenesis in 4D
July 8: PhenomeCentral
July 15: Introduction to the UCSC Genome Browser
July 22: PathWhiz for graphical appeal and computational readability
July 29: PathWhiz for Pathways, Part II

August 5: Araport, Arabidopsis Portal
August 12: World Tour of Genomics Resources, part II
August 19: gene.iobio for genome and variation browsing
August 26: Human Metabolome Database, HMDB

September 2: ENCODE Data Coordination Center, phase 3
September 9: UCSC features for ENCODE data utilization
September 16: BANDAGE for visualization of de novo assembly graphs
September 23: UCSC Xena System for functional and cancer genomics
September 30: Global Biotic Interactions database, GloBI

October 7: Weave, Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment
October 14: 100,000 Genomes Project
October 21: PanelApp, from the 100000 Genomes Project
October 28: New Reactome Pathway Portal 3.0

November 4: RNACentral, wrangling non-coding RNA for simplifying access
November 11: UCSC Table Browser and Custom Tracks
November 18: Explore Gene Pages at NCBI with Variation and Expression Information
November 25: iDigBio for access to historical specimens and more

December 2: KBase, DOE’s Systems Biology Knowledgebase
December 9: Send UCSC Genome Browser sequence to external tools
December 16: Plant Reactome at Gramene
December 23: Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review 2015 (part 1)
December 30: [this post]