What’s the Answer? (publication quality alignment images)

reddit_iconThis week’s highlighted question is from the Bioinformatics subreddit. And I’m using it because it made me laugh. I dare someone to name their alignment tool “Fancy Pants”. That said, it did provide links to a number of different tools that people might find useful, depending on the kind of thing you might want to do do make your stuff look niiiiiiiiice.

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Looking for publication quality alignment (‘fancy pants alignment’ are the words my colleague specifically used)

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Hey all- my colleague and I are looking for an alignment tool (software, website, etc) that makes beautiful looking alignments for publications. ClustalW is what everyone keeps suggesting and its nice but its not niiiiiiiiice. If anyone has any favorites, please fill me in, Thanks!

Some of the tools are things we’ve talked about before. Jalview and AliView, for example. But there are some others too. Have a look at the chatter and check ‘em out yourself if you need some alignments. Or, if you have other tools, suggest them.

{By the way, I am familiar with the tool called FancyGene. But it’s different.}