Boston Area Free Symposium: Frontiers in Biomolecular Engineering

Got an email from the BAMBCT mailing list today (that’s Boston Area Molecular Biology Computer Types), announcing this event that is described as: A Symposium Celebrating Temple Smith’s Appointment as Emeritus Professor of Biomedical Engineering

Please note the data Sept 25th

This is to bring to your attention and that of your follow faculty and graduate students that there is this Sept 25th an open free one day symposium at Boston University. The talks will resent a wide range of biomolecular and genomic bioinformatics by a number of field leaders from across the country and the world. This symposium is sponsored by the Boston University, and should be of interest to both biomedical and biology faculty. I have attached a “pdf” of the  announcement poster which includes the registration web address:

The symposium is free.  We look forward to seeing you there

*Frontiers of Biomolecular Engineering: *

/*September 25, 2009 */

There’s a PDF poster announcement you can also print to hang up around your department if you’d like–access it from the announcement page here: