Grant Opportunity in Interesting Subject Area

CB106189I was catching up on my e-alert reading & saw a GenomeWeb Daily News article about an interesting grant opportunity:

The Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development will fund research that may use the dog genome resource and may conduct other genetics research into genes that are relevant to humans, particularly in terms of social and emotional behaviors.

The grants don’t appear to be huge ($50,000/yr), but the title of the grant ‘The Role of Human-Animal Interaction in Child Health and Development‘ sounds intriguing to me. I have personally seen many examples of human-pet relationships contributing to the human’s well being. Some might not see the importance of funding such research – it is so intuitive – but anything that can be gleaned to improve child development deserves consideration, in my book. If this is in your area of expertise, you may want to check it out.