Video Tip of the Week: World Tour of Genomics Resources, part II

This week’s tip is not our usual short video. We’ll connect you to our newest tutorial suite, our World Tour of Genomics Resources, part II. Our previous tour was really popular–because as much as bench researchers know about the tools they currently use–everyone realizes there are more tools out there. And many of them don’t realize that there could be some very handy ones for tasks that they have.

This time the tour discusses not only tools for which we have full tutorial suites (video, slides, handouts, exercises), but also a lot of the handy problem-solving tools that we cover in our weekly tips. Things like UpSet for exploring data relationships among sets–which scales way better than Venn diagrams for genomics data sets. Or like Slidify to make slides from RStudio directly. We won’t have full training suites on these, but people will find them really useful in their daily work.

Sometimes we will also add tips about tools for which we have suites, but that have new features. For example, although thousands of people watch our UCSC Genome Browser full trainings, we also have tips that highlight new features or tools that aren’t part of the basic intro–such as new wiggle track features, or the Genome Browser in a Box. So we help people keep current in the field this way, even with existing tools they use.

But still we adhere to our philosophy that we explained in our paper (below). Raising awareness of tools that are out there, and help with how to find and use them effectively. This World Tour illustrates that.


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New tutorial suite:

Williams, J., Mangan, M., Perreault-Micale, C., Lathe, S., Sirohi, N., & Lathe, W. (2010). OpenHelix: bioinformatics education outside of a different box Briefings in Bioinformatics, 11 (6), 598-609 DOI: 10.1093/bib/bbq026