What’s the Answer? (novel pathways in silico)

reddit_iconThis week’s highlighted discussion is a different take on pathway and network tools. This is about the design of novel metabolic pathways in silico, not just exploring existing pathways to look for where your favorite genes play roles.

reddit question iconIs there free software available for designing metabolic pathways? (self.bioinformatics)

submitted  by learnedidiot

I am interested in designing novel metabolic pathways in silico, and was curious if there is a good software packages that allows for finding the shortest path in terms of enzymes, regardless of species, for a given input to final output?

Although we have talked about COPASI before, in conjuction with GenoCAD, and we’ve done training on STRING, some of the other tools were new to me and I was pleased to learn of them. If you know of others you can offer the suggestions. Go have a look at the discussion.