What’s the Answer? (subreddit r/genome)

reddit_iconSome researchers who currently enjoy (or at least tolerate) twitter are concerned about its ongoing support, stability, and effectiveness. Some of them are now adding a reddit section to their social media options. I noted this in our Friday SNPpets, but thought I’d also show you a concrete example of how it’s being used.

Reddit version:

Kaiser Permanente cohort of ~100k individuals with genotypes and phenotypes
submitted by josephpickrell

Kaiser Permanente (an insurance company in California) genotyped around 100,000 people [edit: I should note this was in collaboration with UCSF], and made the data available on dbGAP.

Today I noticed three papers describing aspects of the data:

  1. A description of the genotyping and quality control
  2. A comparison of genetic ancestry to self-reported race/ethnicity in the cohort.
  3. A description of a telomere length assay on all individuals.

My personal experience is that these data are well-organized and accessible, so it’s great to see more details on how they were collected. I’ve only seen a few papers that use the data, for example Loh et al. used the data to calculate genetic correlations between several of the phenotypes.

There was the release of some information that might be helpful to researchers. And instead of a fleeting notice on twitter, this post in the subreddit is available at any time. You can also discuss it in longer form, include more links, and your timing doesn’t matter. I can see the value of this. But I know some people aren’t crazy about Reddit. We’ll see how it develops. So far, though, seems popular.