What’s the Answer? (creating a web site to visualize a paper’s results)

reddit_iconThis week’s highlighted question is from the Bioinformatics subreddit. It’s a question about display of your research data for others to access and interact with. I think this will be an issue more and more as huge data sets become available, on a wide range of topics, none of which will fit in to traditional publications. Sometimes there will be data repositories (and I hope that when an appropriate repository is available data will also go there still). But I can imagine some projects that have more or different features than some existing repository. So they may want to provide a place for people to interact with their data above and beyond just download access. So this discussion was interesting to me.

In addition, just yesterday I talked about the ZBrowse tool that sits on top of R and RStudio as commenters discuss here for other situations as well. And if you try out ZBrowse you’ll see some similarity in the software features to the kidney metabolism interface that’s discussed in the replies.

Of course, maintenance over the long run is still an issue. But some of those concerns are possibly being managed better with Docker, Bioboxes, and other strategies for data management and storage that funding agencies are scrutinizing. Or, at least it’s being noticed that these issues need real strategies and oversight.

reddit question icon Creating website for data visualisation?

I’m submitting a paper soon, and we are thinking about providing a website for visualisation of results. (Reading data from a table and then providing graphs and a statistics table for a gene of interest etc)

Is anyone familiar with this process? Any suggestions? And how long will this take to learn and implement.. I’m familiar with bash, R and a bit of python syntax, if that helps

Any advice appreciated!


Have a look at the discussion threads. I thought it was interesting and worth knowing about how people are solving this.