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Video Tip of the Week: MorphoGraphX, morphogenesis in 4D

This week’s Video Tip of the Week covers a different aspect of bioinformatics than some of our other tips. But having been trained as a cell biologist, I do consider imaging software as an important part of the crucial software ecosystem. Also, since it’s a holiday week and traffic may be light in the US, I thought something really nice to look at was a good plan.

I found out about this software via ResearchBlogging, via The Node’s Anne-Lise Routier-Kierzkowska’s post about the work she and her team have done: MorphoGraphX: A platform for quantifying morphogenesis in 4D. It’s a nice overview of the kinds of things that this software can do, and what the origins were. I really like the backstory types of posts from researchers writing about their own work–go read that, I’m not going to replicate it here.

On the MorphoGraphX site, the other things they describe as features of their software include:

  • Shape extraction
  • Growth analysis
  • Signal quantification
  • Protein localization

The introductory video from their team is a nice overview. But you should definitely see their paper, which has additional video figures that show more of the features and the utility. There are several different video figures that are fascinating to watch. Really–go watch the paper–don’t print it. Paper or PDFs wouldn’t cut it for this story.

No audio for this video. Just lovely images with some text guidance. I don’t have the computing capacity to try it myself, nor to I have the stacks of images that I used to have. But there are many nice examples of what it can do. And Anne-Lisa’s blog post speaks about what researchers are doing with it.

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