What’s the Answer? (finding interesting papers)

Keeping current in the field just continues to become more challenging, as the number of publications each week, and the number of big data sets, continues to outpace a normal person’s ability to read. Reddit’s bioinformatics sub is trying out something new to find useful nuggets.

/r/bioinformatics paper discussion thread

Hi all!

This thread is the beginning of hopefully a new tradition in /r/bioinformatics! The idea is to discuss any papers you guys find interesting, helped you solve a problem recently, or whatever reason.


  • We’ll create a thread like this every last friday of the month
  • Let it be sticky for about two weeks
  • People have some time to read it and discuss it
  • Rinse and repeat!

[more details over there…]

I think it’s a nice idea, and I’ll be looking in. Contributing when I can. I added yesterday’s tip paper on ClinGen, because I think the field needs to think a lot about the standards for getting bioinformatics data out to clinical endpoints. Check it out.