World Tour of Genomics Resources II handouts, webinar follow-up post

Typically when we do a webinar, we create a companion blog post for further discussion that we might not have been able to do in the webinar session. You might also try out the sites I talk about and come back with comments or questions. Or for folks who couldn’t make it, but later will watch, and have things they would like to discuss.

Also, it gives me a place to leave the slide handouts and the link document that go with this webinar. If you are seeing this on Thursday before the session, there’s still time to sign up: .

Slide handouts: OpenHelix_WorldTour2_handouts [PDF]

List of resources: OpenHelix_WorldTour2_exercises [PDF]

Access our training material suites, or search for our training or tips:

Soon we’ll turn the whole package into one of our regular tutorials suites that you can access as a movie and full script, slides, or exercises. We’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Also: if you have other tools you like, let us know! We’ll keep updating our collection and we would like to include other publicly-available resources that are useful to researchers.

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