Video Tip of the Week: NCBI Tree Viewer

The helpful folks at NCBI have been ramping up their outreach. I’ve been watching a lot of their webinars, and they are trying different styles. The more traditional ones that are about the length of a seminar, and lately shorter quick-hit types of things. Both of them are valuable. Some topics need a good foundational overview sort of coverage. Others are quick tips or lighter-weight tools that don’t need the whole hour. This is much like our strategy of tutorial suites and tips-of-the-week.

In addition, they are also offering short videos to help you become aware of tools they have. These appear on the NCBI YouTube channel. This week’s tip of the week highlights one of their new videos, about the NCBI Tree Viewer for creating and viewing a dendrogram and the possible relationships among sequences. The larger Genome Workbench tool has a tree view function too, and you can make a tree from your Web BLAST results, but this version is a stand-alone option.

They provide several examples on the project landing page that you can explore. You can try out the different layouts easily. And you can upload your own data and try it out too. I created a tree with BLAST on some proteins I’m interested in. I saved it, and then re-uploaded it to the Tree View page and was able to do more with it–including obtaining a PDF.

Another neat thing: you can embed your tree on a web page if you like. There are instructions over there to help you do that.

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