Can you spare a genome browser?

Recently I’ve been coming across more and more requests and need for genome annotation and visualization software. Genomes are being completed left and right and researchers need ways to browse and annotate these genomes. There are a lot of tools out there. This post is a quick attempt to start listing those. It is not exhaustive right now, right now there are the ones off the top of my head and those focused a bit on visualization (though there is annotation). I plan to expand this list (have any to suggest) and enhance it with more descriptions as time goes forward. Probably make it a page if it becomes useful enough. I’m not listing databases (such as UCSC Genome Browser, RGD, Ensembl, Flybase, but rather software that researchers can use to create such browsable genomes). So, here we go…

UCSC Genome Browser (ok, I just said I wasn’t, but several of these offer their software too. The links will got to more information about using the software)
Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV)
Argo (both IGV and Argo are from MIT’s Broad Institute, the former ‘integrates large datasets’, the latter is more a traditional browser).
Integrated Genome Browser (IGB) Formerly by Affymetrix, now opensource publicly supported.
CGView (circular genomes)

To get longer I’m sure… (as suggested in comments and others found…)

JBrowse (by GMOD, as is GBrowse, and an alternative to it.)
WebGBrowse (a web server for simple implementation of GBrowse)

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