Susie's genome available.

orangutan.jpgThe UCSC Genome Browser announcement mailing list this week notified us that the genome browser for the orangutan genome is now on their production site. You can access it right from their site. The top news entry on their homepage right now has more information.

The announcement describes it thus:

The orangutan genome was sequenced to 6X coverage using a female orangutan known as “Susie” from the Gladys Park Zoo (Brownsville, TX, USA). The combined sequence reads were assembled using PCAP and filtered for all known non-orangutan sequence contaminants.
For more details about the assembly, see the orangutan browser gateway page and the WUSTL Pongo abelii web page.

So have a look at Susie’s genes if you are interested.

Photo: NHGRI-supported researchers are sequencing the genome of the orangutan, which belongs to the primate family. Courtesy: Yerkes National Primate Research Center.