What’s the Answer? (movies for bioinformaticians)

reddit_iconPrevious What’s the Answer? posts that we did on something at Reddit Bioinformatics have been popular. So occasionally I’ll be highlighting interesting threads from the bioinformatics subreddit that people might find interesting (or amusing).

On to this week’s highlighted question. When I first looked there were just a couple of ideas–but it generated a lot of interesting suggestions. Two of which I added to my Netflix queue already.

reddit question iconMovies for Bioinformaticians

Hello there,

I am organising a lab social for about 24 bioinformaticians. Any ideas for movies I can put to the vote?


There were some pretty typical suggestions, but I think everyone in the field probably already knows them. But one of them, The Perfect 46, I talked about here, which I think is a conversation-worthy film for a nerd event of this sort.  Have a look at thread. Offer your ideas.