What’s the Answer? (phylogenetic tree tools)

reddit_iconThe previous What’s the Answer? post that we did on something at Reddit Bioinformatics was popular. It led people to some software they weren’t familiar with for editing multiple sequence alignments. So this week we’ll try another post from this subreddit that might be informative for folks interested in phylogenetic tree tools.

reddit question icon Suggestion for phylogenetic tree visualization tools

I’m an MS Biology student a bit more on the in silico side of things. One of the projects I’m involved in would require me to visualize (preferably) unrooted phylogenetic trees (based on miRNA sequences). I’m looking for suggestions regarding this problem, what tools should I use?

I’ve used FigTree and UGENE before but I’d like to broaden the palette of available tools.

–submitted by tronke

There were a number of popular tools in the replies: R tools ape, phytools and others, FigTree, Dendroscope, Mesquite, MEGA, and Archaeopteryx. Check out the full discussion thread over there.