What’s The Answer? (what’s next in bioinformatics?)

This week’s highlighted discussion tackles a pretty broad and open-ended issue–what’s next in bioinformatics? The answers varied, interestingly, and presented a lot of great directions. I’d love to see other people’s ideas.

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Forum: what is next going to happen in bioinformatics?

In fact many people around the world are working in this domain. some studied bioinformatics and some not (even I see physician are doing bioinformatics). I have been reading papers from all known journals which publish biology related bioinformatics papers or pure bioinformatics. I can tell , pretty much around a topic all times.  I know it is very general question and we cannot give a great and direct answer to it. However, I would like to know which topics you think are the hot spot these days for bioinformatics?

for example, many people are doing sequencing ( of course we cannot have a golden standard because “all modelling are wrong but some are useful “) so these types of studies are going to be forever?

We all know that bioinformatics is only a tool and not the pure science itself. so can we think that it is a died field since mathematics/statistics found itself already or so much left to do ? if so much left to do, what could be those topics ?

I am so eager to know about your opinion


I put down some thoughts I had, but I really enjoyed reading the others–like the long one from Francis Ouellette.