Webinar this week: World Tour of Genomics Resources II

worldtourIIOne of our really popular seminars has been the “World Tour of Genomics Resources“. One time we gave it at the NIH they had to lock the room because we had hit capacity–in a pretty decent sized room that had been reserved for us. But our goal with the talk is to give a lightweight overview of a whole bunch of handy tools that you might not know about–that are provided by teams all around the world. For example–one of my favorite tools is from the Slovak Republic. Who knew, right?

Anyway–I’ve updated the World Tour with some new features and aspects since the last one. Some of the tools are the same, because they are core tools that everyone ought to know about. But others are new since the last one.

If you want to join us for the webinar (or if you can’t make it and want to access the video later), sign up here: World Tour of Genomics Resources II. It is this Thursday March 5, 1pm ET US. We’ll also make the slides and the list of tools available afterwards.

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