What’s the Answer? (zoomable browser)

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This week’s highlighted question hits on something I’ve mused about before. We could really use some more lightweight browsing tools that are more consumer-level appropriate. Although I think there are some tools to accomplish various different things that sophisticated end users could work with. But there’s still a gap, which I still think would be a great project for some student team.

The extra wrinkle on this question, though, is it needs to be able to run without an internet connection.

Question: Any good offline zoomable genome browsers?

More as an educational than a research tool, I’d like to give a presentation on human genetics using a human genome browser that can start at the single-base level, and zoom (smoothly if possible) out to the entire chromosome. The catch is that I won’t have internet access when giving the presentation. I’m happy to download reference sequences, annotations, etc. The main things I’d like to display are (at the fine scale) intron/exon positions, and at the wider scale, gene positions, alu/SINE positions, and (if possible) simple gene repeats such as human MW/LW opsins. I like http://chromozoom.org, but it’s hard to get working offline. I find that http://www.biodalliance.org doesn’t have a terribly nice chromosome-wide view. Are there others that people could suggest?


If you have some suggestions, please bring ‘em along. This question pops up on a somewhat regular basis, and we could really use more ideas on this.