What’s the Answer? (wet lab software)

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This week’s highlighted question is about some wet lab software. Typically we are looking at genomics analysis tools, but with the high-throughput nature of current biology it seems to me there’s good opportunity for more of this type of resource management software too. And the software developer is looking for some feedback from other types of researchers.

Tool: StrainControl Laboratory Manager software

Dear all,

I have read some posts regarding lab software’s, so I thought that maybe ours could be of interest.

We that have developed the software, StrainControl Laboratory Manager, all work in the field of science.

Last year StrainControl was released to the research community.

StrainControl is a lab software that allows to you to store everything in the lab in one place.
Currently there are about 700 labs that are using StrainControl and they are all satisfied.

Some key functions:
1) Handle strains, cell-lines, oligos, plasmids, chemicals and inventories.
2) Link plasmid data to strains or cell-lines.
3) Ability to rename any field and text to your own needs.
4) Customize which data columns should be visible.
5) User management allowing you to create read, write, administrator accounts etc.
6) Read-access from cloud drive (dropbox etc) and network support.
7) Create reports (over 20 formats)

What I´m interested in is if any other research fields (beside basic research labs) can make any use of the software since any field can be renamed to fit a different research field.

We would be very happy if you could give it a try and comment how the software works for you.

More information: http://www.straincontrol.com

Thank you in advance,
Chris Ericsson, PhD

And some of our most popular blog posts are about colony management software, electronic lab notebooks, and other sorts of routine stuff–not just analysis tools. So have a look and see if this is useful. Or if you have other tools like that which you find essential to lab work, let  me know. I’d love to have a look.