What’s the Answer? (3D structures with mutations)

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This week’s highlighted question was about visualizing variations in linear graphics as well as in 3D structural representations.

Question: Map genetic mutations to protein domain/structure

I am trying to map genetic mutations to protein domain/structure. Ideally, I want to visualize the variants in linear protein domain diagram and 3D protein structure like the attached images. I did research, but I can’t find good tools/databases for such work.

I know similar questions have been asked here like How To Create Mutation Diagram In R Or In Any Tools?. But it is only the protein domain diagram (with no 3D structure), plus the protein domain annotation there seems to be limited.

Thank you all in advance!

[Graphic over there shows an image of what the original poster wants to visualize]


I had recently talked about Mutation Mapper as another answer to a related question. But at that time I didn’t note that you can also get a 3D structure from there. Glad to see someone mention it as a possible answer on this new question.