Margaret Oakley Dayhoff, going on #ThatOtherShirt.

I’ve been a fan of Margaret Oakley Dayhoff for a long time. One of the most popular posts on this blog is the one linked in this tweet below. I can tell when students have been assigned a project to read up on her, because suddenly I see an influx of hits to the page.

And one night over twitter I had to help identify her, so I know there’s a need for wider recognition:

Not much has changed since I wrote that earlier Dayhoff post, but a few links aren’t working so well anymore. I don’t want the important history of this field going into the memory hole. The other day I came across a paper by Bruno Strasser that’s worth pointing folks to, for additional details on the time frame of Dayhoff’s work, and her role in the sphere that became “bioinformatics”.

Anyway, I really wanted to see such a pioneer on the shirt with all those other women. And who doesn’t need a Hawaiian shirt with Rosalind Franklin and Barbara McClintock too? Looking forward to wearing it to training events.
If you want a shirt, you only have a couple of days left on the Kickstarter:


Strasser B. (2011). The Experimenter’s Museum: GenBank, Natural History, and the Moral Economies of Biomedicine, Isis, 102 (1) 60-96. DOI: