Bacterial Browser ala Google Maps

Came across a nice bacterial genome browser today via “Discovering Biology in a Digital World:” the Genome Projector.Genome Projector The is a map of over 100 bacterial genomes including a circular genome map, a genome map, a pathways map and a “DNAWalk” map. Put in a search term (I put “iron” in here, you know, as in ‘mining for,’ tried gold, but alas.. there is no gold in them thar… anyway…) and the hits show up as numbers in the tabs and pins in the maps. The maps are zoomable (just like GoogleMaps) and the pins are clickable with a popup to links out to databases and more information. It’s not quite as useful or in depth as perhaps IMG as a browser or Reactome or Kegg for pathways, but it’s simple and cool way to browse the genomes for more information and links to databases. Below the fold (continue reading link) are two more screenshots of my search in pathways and zoomed with clicked pin.Genome Projector (pathways)Genome Projector (pathways-closeup)