Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review 2014 (part 2)

As you may know, we’ve been doing these video tips-of-the-week for seven years now. We have completed or collected around 350 little tidbit introductions to various resources through this past year, 2014. At first we had to do all of our own video intros, but as the movie technology became more accessible and more teams made their own, we were able to find a lot more that were done by the resource providers themselves. So we began to collect those as well. At the end of the year we’ve established a sort of holiday tradition: we are doing a summary post to collect them all. If you have missed any of them it’s a great way to have a quick look at what might be useful to your work.

You can see past years’ tips here: 2008 I, 2008 II, 2009 I, 2009 II, 2010 I, 2010 II, 2011 I, 2011 II, 2012 I, 2012 II, 2013 I, 2013 II, 2014 I.

July 2: NCBI Variation Viewer
July 9: Google Genomics, API and GAbrowse
July 16: VectorBase, for invertebrate vectors of human pathogens
July 23: Nowomics, set up alert feeds for new data
July 30: PhenDisco, “phenotype discoverer” for dbGap data

August 6: Biodalliance browser with HiSeq X-Ten data
August 13: EpiViz Genome Browsing (and more)
August 20: Immune Epitope DB (IEDB)
August 27: Phenoscape, captures phenotype data across taxa

September 3: NIH 3D Print Exchange
September 10: #Docker, shipping containers for software and data
September 17: GOLD, Genomes OnLine Database
September 24: StratomeX for genomic stratification of diseases

October 1: MEGA, Molecular Evolutionary Genetics Analysis
October 8: UCSC #Ebola Genome Portal
October 15: MedGen, GTR, and ClinVar
October 22: SeqMonk
October 29: PaleoBioDB, for your paleobiology searches

November 5: Genome Browser in a Box
November 12: UpSet about genomics Venn Diagrams?
November 19: GeneFriends
November 26: Thanksgiving week, light posting. One holiday genome (cranberries).

December 3: Video Tip of the Week: BioLayout Express3D for network visualizations
December 10: Video Tip of the Week: “Virtually Immune” computational immune system modeling
December 17: Video Tip of the Week: yEd Graph Editor for visualizing pathways and networks
December 24: Video Tips of the Week, Annual Review 2014 (part 1)
December 31: [this post]