What’s The Answer? (mobile bioinformatics apps)

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This week’s highlighted discussion is about mobile apps. The original post sought some suggestions on what might be a useful mobile app. I would have to say the community seemed…er…underwhelmed with the thought of mobile apps for stuff. But that said, maybe there is a killer app out there waiting to happen. Do you have any ideas on what you’d want to see on a mobile device?

Forum: Bioinformatics Mobile App

Hi Everyone,

We are in the process of creating bioinformatics mobile applications. Rather than common app we want to give app for scholars and scientist for them to access the data wherever they and whenever they want.

Please give your suggestions and recommendations to pick the area or functionalties need to be implemetned.



I thought the discussion was interesting, even if nothing came immediately to mind. Although I recently had some fun with the PDB mobile app, it was mostly to look at cool structures while I was bored in a queue somewhere. I also know that one time at a dinner party the TimeTree app came in handy for looking for a date for a last common ancestor. But I can’t think of much heavy lifting I’d want to do on a small screen. But if you have some ideas, do share them over there.