What’s the Answer? (vintage bioinformatics)

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This week’s highlighted post is actually a BLAST from the past. Although it doesn’t directly say so, it came along around the same time as the “Old Bioinformaticians” conversation. It’s what bioinformatics nerds talk about like your grandparents do, talking about walking to school, in the snow, uphill, both ways–you know? And yeah, I contributed.

But it seems that Pierre Lindenbaum turned this into a curation effort to capture some of this history. I think that’s a nice idea. And people will want these kinds of things for talks and papers sometimes, and possibly for teaching the youngsters. So if you have some of these early bioinformatics artifacts, please contribute them over there.

Forum: Vintage / unconventional pictures for Bioinformatics

I’m looking for Vintage / unconventional pictures for Bioinformatics.

Feel free to add an URL to the picture below. If you’re the owner of the picture, tell me if I you allow me to upload the picture on wikipedia commons.

Please, don’t upvote my answers.

See also: Bioinformatic Cartoon

PS:  e.g: do you have a picture of a printed version of the GCG manual somewhere ?

–Pierre Lindenbaum

Go dust off your items, and share some photos.