HapMap Sudoku

hapmap_sudoku1.jpgUmmm…sometimes you are poking around the web sites of these databases and you find some odd stuff. Today I found a HapMap Sudoku. There are some word combinations that you think will never come out of your mouth (or fingertips in this case). And then–lo and behold–an unusual pair of things you like combine to be something you didn’t expect.

So, if you are interested, you can go to the HapMap Tutorials page on their site and click the link for HapMap Sudoku. It is a powerpoint slide (not sure why, PDF would be fine.) Might be fun to do at lunch or on a plane one of these days.

What would other fun database games be? We already saw GenBank word search. The whole field is a giant logic puzzle. In the end I suppose it is all the game of Life.

3 thoughts on “HapMap Sudoku

  1. Jennifer

    I just checked, and a really popular database game in grad school is still active. It is the SwissProt “Swiss-Quiz”. You are asked 10 questions & if you get all 10 correct, you can enter a monthly drawing to win some “some delicious Swiss chocolate!”

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