Video Tip of the Week: MedGen, GTR, and ClinVar

The terrific folks at NCBI have been increasing their outreach with a series of webinars recently. I talked about one of them not too long ago, and I mentioned that when I found the whole webinar I’d highlight that. This recording is now available, and if you are interested in using these medical genetics resources, you should check this out.

I was reminded of this webinar by a detailed post over at the NCBI Insights blog: NCBI’s 3 Newest Medical Genetics Resources: GTR, MedGen & ClinVar. There’s no reason for me to repeat all of that–I’ll conserve the electrons and direct you over there for more details about the features of these various tools. There is a lot of information in these resources, and the webinar touches on these features and also describes the relationships and differences among them.

I’ve been catching the notice of their webinars by following their Twitter announcements. The next one is coming up on October 15th, announced here, on E-Utilities. Follow them to keep up with the new offerings: @NCBI.

Quick links:


GTR, Genetic Testing Registry:



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