What’s The Answer? (what do bioinformatics folks use?)

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This week’s highlighted item from Biostars is actually one post that was the first of a new series. Inspired by the “Uses This” via The Setup, an interview offers a quick look at what a variety of folks use to do their jobs, Istvan started asking bioinformatics professionals what tools they use for their work. And some other bonus questions.

The first in the series was Jim Robinson of IGV. But since then a number of others have been added (you can follow them with the tag or see the list underneath the first one). Istvan is also welcoming other folks to submit the answers if you want to share what you are up to, and how you get there.

Forum: Jim Robinson of the Integrative Genomics Viewer (IGV) uses this

Based on user suggestion we launch series of posts based on ideas promoted by the Uses This website.

How are the tools that we use every day being developed? What do bioinformaticians with proven track record use to get their work done?

I have sent out a few emails and I will start posting answers as they come in. Feel free to send me candidates (or volunteer) for the interviews.

[The list of questions]

What hardware do you use?

What is your text editor?

What software do you use for your work?

What do you use to create plots and charts?

What do you consider the best language to do bioinformatics with?

What bioinformatics tools/software do not get enough recognition?

[Go over to Biostars to read Jim’s answers]

Istvan Albert

Interesting stuff. And more to come. Keep checking.