What’s the Answer? (Reddit bioinformatics AMA)

Usually, we do a highlighted item from Biostar in our “What’s the Answer?” threads to focus on some issues in bioinformatics. But there was an interesting question & answer thread on Reddit Bioinformatics recently that I thought some folks might like to see. For those of you not hip to the reddit lexicon, AMA means “Ask Me Anything”. Reddit is getting more notice and respect for the quality of certain discussions among and with the science community, while, of course, other parts of the place are a complete swamp. I know some women and their allies have chosen not to participate in anything over there because of the bad behaviors that can happen–and I don’t dispute that problem at all. But, sometimes I still find there’s value there.

Bioinformatics PhD with five years in industry. AMA.

Saw the mentoring thread and thought I might be able to answer some questions.

Anyone else with post-school experience? Feel free to chime in.

I thought the discussion was interesting and valuable, especially since we know that academia is increasingly a difficult career path. Go have a look. Add your own insights, too.