What’s the Answer? (zero- or one-based coordinate systems)

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This week’s highlighted answer isn’t actually found at Biostars itself–but relied on the institutional knowledge at Biostars to assemble this helpful guide. This is a question that comes up so frequently, and burns both novices and seasoned practitioners on a regular basis, that I wanted to make sure people saw this curated information on which tools start with zeros and which ones with ones (er, and those with both….).

I won’t bring the whole post over like I usually do with Biostars, but here’s the link and a snip–go read it all:

Chromosome coordinate systems: 0-based, 1-based

….I’ve tried to figure out which website-application are using each coordinate system. The results can be found bellow. For each source, I provide the URL of the reference website where I found the information, and a caption where the system is described….