Reactome new release, now with axon guidance!

Last night I had coffee with good friends in Davis Square and I mentioned that we had this blog.  One of the friends (a linguistics scholar) seemed excited by the prospect until I told her the topic.  She’s not nearly as excited by new software and scientific data as I am :)

It cracked me up this morning when I read the Reactome news letter–my first thought was: cool, axon guidance pathways!  And I imagined my friend’s bemused look….

Anyway, there’s a new Reactome release.  Here’s some of the new stuff content-wise:

New content. As part of a project to annotate the general process of cell motility and its involvement in key biological processes, Version 29 introduces a new topic, Axon guidance, with material now available for NCAM signaling in neurite outgrowth. Pathway topics updated with new curated events in this release include: Synaptic transmission (Glutamate Binding, Activation of AMPA Receptors, and Synaptic Plasticity), DNA Repair (regulation of FANCD2 and FANCI activity in the Fanconi Anemia pathway), and pathways whose dysfunction plays a major role in the development of diabetes (Regulation of insulin secretion and Unfolded protein response). With the annotation of G-coupled protein receptors (GPCRs) for eicosanoids, leukotrienes, nucleotide-like (purinergic) molecules, LPA and lysosphingolipids, opsins, secretins, and GABA and related molecules (class C/3 receptors), our annotation of interactions between GPCRs and their ligands is essentially complete. The Telomere Maintenance pathway has been revised in this release. Updated release statistics are available.

If you are interested in keeping up with Reactome their mailing list is here: