What’s The Answer? (elab notebook, open source)

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Recently I was watching the genoscenti talk about electronic lab notebooks. I had used the chatter as a post to make a point about the value of the Biostar information on that topic. It seemed to be popular. Lo and behold–there’s a new post on Biostar on this topic. And some nice open-source lab notebook software.

Tool: Introducing eLabFTW : free open source electronic lab notebook

Hello everyone,

I work in Institut Curie, Paris, France, as an engineer in a research lab. I developed a php/mysql application to keep track of experiments (lab notebook). It’s free and open source and I believe this community could be interested in such a thing.

You can run it on a server, for a whole departement if you want, or just locally on your machine.

Please visit the website and try the demo : http://www.elabftw.net https://demo.elabftw.net

Any question, suggestion or remark you might have, I want to read it :) Your input help me makes a better software.

Thank you :D




The post got a good upvote number, so others found it interesting too. I went to give the software a try, and I thought it was very handy. And Nico was very responsive to my thoughts and working through an idea that I had, as you can see in our exchange. Although I’m not in a wet lab at this point, I really have been musing on the best way to store my thought process and series of steps I’m taking to accomplish certain things I need to do–sometimes in data mining, sometimes in software testing, etc. A system like this could work for my purposes.

Anyway–check it out, eLabFTW. There’s a way to test on a web installation demo that Nico has set up, or you can pull it down locally and run it.