What’s the Answer? (resource gone missing)

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So, once again a resource that was published became unavailable. And this had consequences for one researcher–a paper was dinged by reviewers because the resource couldn’t be checked.

Question: What happened with miRecords mirna database website ?

What happened with miRecords mirna database website ? The webpage is not available and I used it’s data as part of an analysis in my paper. Now the reviewer can’t see the page and asks for an explanation.


Sorry, I forgot to post the link. The miRecords was suppose to be available at http://miRecords.umn.edu/miRecords.


Well, at least the resource is now back up, according to the comments. It was definitely down when I had tried. Apparently writing to the folks on the paper hadn’t succeeded. But is that a win for social media? Or just a temporary appeasement until the next time someone can’t be bothered to restart the server?

Alas. We still need a better way to retire stuff for situations like this.