Video Tip of the Week: EpiViz Genome Browsing (and more)

This is the browser I’ve been waiting for. Stop what you are doing right now and look at EpiViz. I’ll wait.

I spend a lot of time looking at visualizations of various types of -omics data, from a number of different sources. I’ve never believed in the “one browser to rule them all” sort of thing–I think it’s important for groups to focus on special areas of data collection, curation, and visualizion. Although some parts can be reused and shared, of course, some stuff just should be viewed win certain species or strategies that don’t always end up nicely in a “track” of data that you can slap on some browser.

My dreams of this began in earnest with the Caleydo tools I’ve been talking about for a long time. Years ago I began imagining genome browser data in one panel, pathway maps in the nearby one, TF motifs, an OMIM page loaded up, and other stuff that was all part of my train-of-thought on some issue. They Caleydo team has continued on this path, and their EnRoute and Entourage tools get part of that way too. You can do some of that with the nifty BioGPS layouts. I also love the idea of looking at multiple genomic regions at the same time, in the manner that the Multi-Image Genome viewer (MIG) enables.

So we are getting closer and closer. And this EpiViz tool is an excellent demonstration of how to combine necessary genome track data visualizations and other analysis strategies into one viewer. It also allows other types of data to come in, with the Data-Driven Documents tools. You should read the paper, you should try out their software, and have a look at this overview video the EpiViz team has provided to get started.

Off we go. More like this please.

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