Tip of the Week: Bioversity resources

bioversity_movieI’ve been reading a lot more on biodiversity lately, and I was really pleased to come across the Bioversity International site to learn more about this topic. Not a standard sequence or algorithm type of bioinformatics resource, the site is a collection of biological information on  a wide range of topics and database resources that serve the needs of researchers interested in biodiversity.  It’s really refreshing to see species that aren’t just the model organisms (although I do still love the mods, of course!).  But cacao…mmmmm…..

But it is much more than just informative web pages.  There are databases of collections including germplasm and species databases, geographically organized information, and more.  There are training materials that faculty might want to use.  There’s even a terrific collection of images of biodiversity that may be useful for presentations.   Check out this brief (~3 min) introduction to the Bioversity International resources for more details.

Bioversity International site: http://www.bioversityinternational.org/