What’s the Answer? (free + useful protein tools)

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One of the things we still don’t really have a handle on is the “lists of tools” problem. I think this leads to some really unfortunate duplication of efforts. A lot of folks have attempted to create lists of tools for certain purposes, but they are hard to maintain, the focus of the lists vary. Sometimes useful tools are found in unusual or informal places, sometimes hard to categorize, and the support…well…yeah. So I keep tabs on various lists that I find, because sometimes there are some gems in there which are new to me. And to have active practitioners describing what’s useful to them is particularly helpful.

This week’s highlighted post is from someone focusing on protein tools, who is collecting a list of them.

Tool: A growing collection of “Free and useful protein-science tools”

I thought that it might be useful to put together a list of the tools that I am currently using with a short description and usage example.

I will add to it in future, and I am also looking forward to contributions: Please feel free to add your favorite tools if you like:



Check out the current list, and suggest others if you have some.