It's official – You Too Can Join the ISB!

That’s right, I got a couple of emails today and the International Society for Biocuration is open for membership! I unofficially joined right after I got home from the 3rd International Biocuration Conference where the society was introduced. I plan on paying my dues shortly after I get this post out, but  since I don’t want to hog all the fun I wanted to blog about this oportunity ASAP.Here’s the text of the original announcement:

Dear Colleagues,

The International Society for Biocuration has redesigned the website, and we are happy to announce that member registration is now active. The member registration page is here:

We strongly encourage people from the biocuration community to become members of the ISB. There are many goals we wish to achieve and that can only accomplished with the help and support from all of you ( The membership rates for 2009-2010 are as follows:

Principal investigator: 60 CHF
Curator: 40 CHF Student: 20 CHF

Principal investigator: 120 CHF Curator: 80 CHF

Conversion rates for June 18, 2009:
1 CHF = 0.921 USD – 0.664 EUR – 0.563 GBP

Lydie, Pascale and Lorna

Seriously, I do believe with wide community support this society could really be valuable for curators and others associated with building and supporting bioinformatic resources. So please, help me spread the word!