What’s The Answer? (data sharing with Bittorrent)

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This week’s highlighted Biostar item is a new feature–and they are looking for your input and testing if it is a feature you might use.

Forum: Data sharing via Bittorrent is coming to Biostar

Hello Everyone,

We are adding bittorrent data sharing to Biostars.  Help us identify bugs and issues by creating a few torrents and adding them to posts on the test site. Also feel free to comment and provide suggestions and feedback. The description of how it works is at:


An example post with data can be seen at:


A few details on how it works:

  1. Torrents can get attached to posts, answers or comments
  2. A post may have multiple torrents attached.
  3. Biostars will attempt to connect the IP number of the Bittorrent peer connection to the IP number of the Biostar user account. This allows you to see who the person that shares the data is.
  4. Anonymous users cannot create torrents but they may share existing datasets.
  5. Data may be shared without making it visible on Biostar (although this should not be considered a secure way to share data)

(note: the test site will not log you into your old account since the emails are protected so don’t report that as an issue)

Istvan Albert

Although it seems to be well received, people have issues with some institutions that don’t allow Bittorrent access due to some past bad behaviors…so people have raised that issue. So if you want to try it out, or have concerns, let ‘em know over there.