Video Tip of the Week: VectorBase, for invertebrate vectors of human pathogens

I wish I had been clever enough to coordinate this week’s Video Tip of the Week with “Mosquito Week” a couple of months back. There was a bunch of chatter at that time about this infographic that was released by Bill Gates, which illustrated the contribution of various human-killing species. The mosquito was deemed: The Deadliest Animal in the World. Jonathan Eisen took issue with the numbers, however, noting that if you are consistent about the way you count disease vectors, humans come out on top (or, bottom, I guess, in this category). Still, Eisen noted, mosquitoes are important and demand attention. But there are lots of other vectors to keep in mind as well.

Luckily, the team at VectorBase is on it. VectorBase has been providing information on invertebrate vectors of human pathogens for a long time. They collect a variety of species data, including mosquitoes, but also a lot more–ticks, lice, flies, etc. Check out their list of organisms here: . They have information not only on basic biology, but also information about the very key problems of resistance to insecticides as well.

We’ve been fans of VectorBase for years, and have highlighted them in the past, after a site redesign a couple of years ago, and a few other times with various other news tidbits. But I was delighted to discover recently that they have a new overview video which is my favorite kind to highlight in these tips. If you are new to a resource, a brief overview is the most helpful way to understand the kinds of data and tools you’ll see at their site. They have a lot of other slide/PDF tutorials as well, which focus on specific tools and features that will supplement an overview. But in our experience, a video overview is a bit more tempting when you are first becoming acquainted with a resource.

So here I’ve embedded the VectorBase overview, which you can also find here: The slides to accompany it are also available there.

So have a look at VectorBase’s important collection of species data and tools. You can also read more about their foundations and directions in their publications, including the one below. I keep up with news about their new features from their newsletter, but you can also see other types of community outreach strategies over at their site.

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Megy K., D. Lawson, D. Campbell, E. Dialynas, D. S. T. Hughes, G. Koscielny, C. Louis, R. M. MacCallum, S. N. Redmond & A. Sheehan & (2012). VectorBase: improvements to a bioinformatics resource for invertebrate vector genomics, Nucleic Acids Research, 40 (D1) D729-D734. DOI:

Bonus video: The Gates blog hosted this highly-produced video about mosquito bites and their impact.