Personal Genomics on my tee-vee

My Tivo does not know me very well–I know it works for some people, but for some reason my Tivo thinks I speak Portuguese and that I like to cook.  I wish I did, but I don’t.  However, occasionally it gets it right.  Last night as I was scrolling through the list I found an episode of Charlie Rose on Personal Genomics.  It includes PGP (Personal Genome Project) participant Steven Pinker.  Steven wrote a great article in the NYT on this after he got his genome done.  George Church was on, who leads this project.  And then Charlie talked with Linda Avey and Anne Wojcicki from 23 and Me.

I don’t think any of it was dramatically new to me, but if you aren’t familiar with the players in this topic and the issues at hand you might enjoy this episode.  It is about 30min long.  In case the embed doesn’t work here’s the URL:

The personal genomics discussion begins about 30min in to the full video.  You can move the slider over to get to it right away.