What’s The Answer? (resource support via Biostar)

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In my last Biostars highlight, I was noting that the suggestion box item I offered was that I thought it would be neat if tool providers had a channel over at Biostar. That way they could talk about their tool, announce the updates, and offer some support for users with this existing infrastructure. No need to run a mailing list, or set up their own forum, etc. So I was delighted to see a development team do exactly that.


News: GATB will provide user support via Biostar

The Genome Assembly & Analysis Tool Box (GATB) provides an easy way to develop efficient and fast NGS tools. GATB is a C++ library of high level functions that leverage state-of-the-art data structures for handling huge NGS datasets.

To developers of NGS applications: GATB allows you to re-use components (fasta/fastq reading, k-mer counting, de Bruijn graph construction and traversal) from Minia/DSK. It’s well-documented.

We will answer Biostar questions regarding:

  • Library usage
  • Bugs
  • Feedback
  • Support for any of the tools

Post a question: https://www.biostars.org/p/new/post/?tag_val=GATB

See all posts: https://www.biostars.org/t/GATB/

– GATB authors

Love it. Yay to the GATB team for this. And they got a good response in up votes for the effort. I hope it plays out well.