BioMart news, and a shiny new look

Just got the news via the mailing list, I haven’t had a chance to kick the tires yet:

We are pleased to announce the release of BioMart version 0.9.

The latest version of BioMart includes support for data analysis and visualisation tools. The first of the BioMart tools has already been implemented and is accessible from This tool enables enrichment analysis of genes in all Ensembl species and a broad range of gene identifiers for each species are also available. Furthermore, the tool supports cross-species analysis using Ensembl homology data. Finally, the enrichment tool facilitates analysis of BED files containing genomic features such as Copy Number Variations (CNVs) or Differentially Methylated Regions (DMRs).

The latest BioMart release comes with the new version of the REST and SOAP APIs. These APIs are available for testing at Third party developers who are currently using REST or SOAP version 0.7 are encouraged to start testing and transitioning to 0.9. The two servers providing access to BioMart data through REST and SOAP (version 0.7 and version 0.9) will be running in parallel to provide support for easy transition. The Enrichment tool is also accessible programmatically through 0.9 REST/SOAP interface.

Finally, the BioMart website has been completely redesigned to cater for a better user experience. The re-organised layout, incorporation of new functionality, such as the “quick tool access” and the use of subtle animation makes for clearer navigation and greater site interactivity.

Your feedback is welcome and appreciated.

On behalf of the BioMart developers


Check it out: