What’s The Answer? (GMOD resources training)

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I’m going to run this post on Tuesday this week rather than Thursday because this has a deadline that you need to hit if you want to sign up for this and I want you to have a couple more days. And I spend much of Thursday on a plane on my way to do workshops anyway….

Are you interested in an online 5-day course in using the awesome GMOD resources for analyzing, organizing, and displaying your data? In the News area at Biostars I posted this announcement that you should check out.

News: GMOD Online Training 2014 coming up

GMOD Online Training


19th-23rd May 2014, approx 9am-6pm US Eastern time

The Generic Model Organism Database (GMOD) project is offering an online training course for those interested in learning how to use and deploy GMOD’s free, open-source bioinformatics software. The GMOD project provides interoperable tools for visualising, storing, and disseminating genetic and genomic data.

The course will be held from 19th-23rd May 2014, with tuition and interaction with tutors occurring between (approximately) 9am and 6pm US Eastern time.

[go over to Biostars to see the list of topics covered and for more details]