Heartbleed security issues, we’re ok

We’ve been tracking the concerns about the Heartbleed security issues, as has everyone with an internet login anywhere. And the actual depth of the issue continues to be discussed and disputed. Also XKCD:

Most people who read our blog, or access the free materials, haven’t had to register anyway so there wasn’t an issue with those. But we have checked with our development team to see if we were affected by the security flaw for our registered users.

We are told that we are unaffected by this vulnerability on our registration-accessible pages. So although it is always wise to change passwords from time-to-time, we won’t be requiring that for our registered users. Feel free to do so though if you want to. Let us know if you have any problems with that.

A fix was implemented for the Google Wallet checkout feature that some people might have used, and it’s already in place.

Safe travels around the ‘tubz.