Growing plant scientists

I’m fascinated by all the genomes I see–and I’m delighted to see plant scientists raising awareness for that research.  So this weekend it was nice to see some commentary about support for plant scientists on the political blogs.  From an article by Hillary Clinton on Huffpo:

Attacking Hunger at Its Roots

4. We will expand knowledge and training by supporting R&D and cultivating the next generation of plant scientists.

I hope that’s true–and that the funding comes through for that.  But how nice to see an administration say out loud that they support science–and plant science specifically.

The article was also related to the work of Dr. Gebisa Ejeta who sleuthed out a way to create a plant resistant to Striga, a very tricksy parasitic weed that was seriously impacting sorghum farmers in Africa.  Congrats to Dr. Ejeta who won the World Food Prize for this work.  More like Ejeta!

Hat tip to the Biodiversity Weblog post that started me reading on this compelling work.