Special Libraries Association (SLA) conference

sla100logoWe are at the SLA Conference in Washington D.C. I’ll be attending the “The Library of the Future: Discovery in the Round” this afternoon and will live-blog the discussion. Libraries have always existed at least since the time of Alexandria’s great library, and I’m sure there might have been monks fretting about the new ‘printing press’ fearing it heralded the demise of the great libraries. But as with any transformational technology, I doubt the internet and the explosion of genomic data will be the end of the library. In fact, I suspect it will make libraries and librarians much more necessary. Meet me this afternoon at 3:30pm US Eastern, and hopefully (if the internet allows :), I’ll live blog a bit. If not, I’ll give you a synopsis of the discussion.

Update: As you can tell, there was no internet access (and the discussion didn’t lend itself to live-blogging since it was in small groups), but I will post a synopsis of the discussion soon, I found it interesting.